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Happy Birthday (and hamsters)


My blog is now 2 years old!  You can scroll down to the bottom of my blog and see all the absolute rubbish I was posting 2 years ago!

Or you could just look at the absolute rubbish I am posting now!

So as promised today’s photography is this super cute hamster (photo takes by my friend Bryony):

Until next time,

Karate Fox | silliness is the source of all wisdom 

Back to a new school…

Hello blogosphere,

I like many of you have just started a new year of school.  This year I have moved to a new place which means new classes, teachers and uniform.  I have already experienced the horrors of a tie!  I mean what is it’s purpose?

This year i’m starting GCSEs (important exams) and honestly the idea has become less and less daunting so i’m actually not that sacred.  Its been fantastic to drop some subjects and get more lesson time on what I want to learn, although I have been warned that my choice of German, History, Textiles and Computer Science will be very full on!

It’s been strange moving to a new place, I’ve been reunited with old friends which has been great but i’m now discovering the problems of having friends in different places and limited time at breaks!  I’m also now at the very end of my DofE bronze award which is i’ll admit a relief as my team have had a few disagreements and it is now incredibly hard to work together whilst keeping everyone happy.  In spite of that I would still highly recommend DofE to anyone as it is a fantastic experience and i’m sure that if I was with a different group of people I would have had a fantastic time, so sure in fact that I plan to move on to do the silver award.

I hope your all having a fantastic time at school or not!

Karate Fox | silliness is the source of all wisdom